'Marvel Heroes 2016’ Latest News & Update: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones Tangles with 'Agents of SHIELD' Ghost Rider & Quake

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 07, 2016 07:37 PM EDT

Power duo Luke Cage and Jessica Jones finally arrived at Netflix at the start of the month to grace "Marvel Heroes 2016." The good news is - they are all for free!

According to game designer Ben Waggoner, others did not quite join the bandwagon because they already have Cage and Jones in "Marvel Heroes 2016." However, there are still plenty of gamers waiting for this chance to own these heavy-punchers in their roster. Again, both Cage and Jones are up for grabs for those willing without any restrictions. Nothing to lose anyway, eh?

"Marvel Heroes 2016" Luke Cage and Jessica Jones also comes with eye candy twist because they have new skins. This duo sports either modern or classic costumes. Gamers found classic outfits nostalgic of 70's era when neon-colored shirts were fads. Modern costumes are, well - what we see in today's streets. Even Netflix themselves pitched in to the skins because Jones taunts with wash-and-wear hairdo, Epic Stream reported.

Waggoner revealed that "Marvel Heroes 2016" provided additional antic in this game. The scoreboard is up where gamers battle for the top by defeating enemies and rescuing civilians as much as they can. A tracker system is in place at Netflix to monitor those with most achievements. There is a catch in this tournament though. Extra XP is limited to gamers using Cage, Black Cat, Human Torch, Iron Fist and She-Hulk characters only.

Meanwhile, "Agents of SHIELD" is also intertwined in "Marvel Heroes 2016" event. According to Gameranx, the other side fielded Ghost Rider and Quake. Other gamers found this choice queer because there is already a Ghost Rider in the latter's roster. The result are two flaming skulls combating for supremacy. A really cool yet weird setup.

So, grab this opportunity while Gazillion is still bent on offering them. Since "Marvel Heroes 2016" received massive overhaul and achievements were amplified, expect a powered-up character back in normal gameplay. GameNGuide sends our best wishes for those aiming for that ace's sheet.

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