'Doctor Who' Spinoff Air Date, News & Update: 'Class' - Coal Hill Students Left Alone To Fight Aliens, Time Travel Danger Impending?

By LA Zamora , Updated Oct 08, 2016 03:53 AM EDT

Putting survival into one's hands is one of the resonating thoughts that come to mind in the beginning of the latest trailer of "Doctor Who" spinoff entitled "Class." The trailer of "Doctor Who" spinoff, "Class," reportedly premiered in the New York Comic-Con.

"Doctor Who" Spinoff Vs. "X-Men?"

It's hard not to notice the similarities in the plot of "Doctor Who" spinoff, "Class," and "X-Men." We are referring to the "X-Men" series where the mutants are still young and bunched up in one house. You get the picture, right?  

"Doctor Who" spinoff, "Class," will feature the staff and students of Coal Hill Academy where strange things begin happening which threatens to change the whole course of humanity. The plot thickens when the students are left unsupervised and they are left with the possibility of time travel bringing fear and uncertainty to a whole new level.

Peter Capaldi, who plays the role of Doctor Who, makes his absence palpable as he is heard warning the students that he can't always be there when they need him. In the "Doctor Who" spinoff, "Class," the students are left with no choice but to fight and protect themselves in order to survive the threat brought about by evil aliens.

The students will find themselves at a high risk of encountering and fending off all the evil creatures that Peter Capaldi has been fighting ever since he embraced the strange things happening in his life. There are four students who will be the main characters in "Doctor Who" spinoff, "Class" - Tanya, Ram, April and Charlie.  The Physics teacher, Miss Quill, will also take part as the students' guardian.

Catch the premiere of "Doctor Who" spinoff, "Class," on Oct. 22. A "Doctor Who" Christmas special is also in the works featuring Peter Capaldi and Doctor Mysterio on the quest to save New York from aliens. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Doctor Who" spinoff news and update! 


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