‘GTA 6' Latest News & Update: Decoding the Presence of the Game; Plus See Remarkable Wishlist from a Fan

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 11, 2016 08:31 AM EDT

Fans of the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise should know by now, that the "GTA 6" is far from being a reality. First off, there's still the "GTA 5" that is incredibly bringing enough revenue for developer Rockstar; the idea of creating a new title seem impractical. Now, it looks like, they have been playing it all as an apparent "GTA 6" features can be spotted in the recent video gameplay of "GTA Online."

In a report by the IBT, a YouTuber named Sernandoe may have decoded the hidden "GTA 6" features in the game. Using few features in the game, and largely the Easter Eggs included, the Easter Eggs were notable in "GTA 3" when it revealed the next location, which is in Miami. The same thing can happen with the expected new Grand Theft Auto title; find clues in Grand Theft Auto Online Easter Eggs.

In 2008, after "GTA 4" was released, an Easter Egg revealed, players are invited to Los Angeles (Los Santos) for just $299. The revelation did not disappoint as the next location for "GTA 5" has been in Los Angeles and entitled "Los Santos and Blaine County in the US." By now, players should be mindful of the Easter Eggs on Grand Theft Auto Online and see what's in store for the alleged "GTA 6."

Meanwhile, as players keep their hopes high that an eventual "GTA 6" will arrive; a wishlist came to light. Fans want Money Making Missions in order to add excitement on the game. When a player can earn, the level of gaming also increases. "GTA Online" has been great, but fans also wish for more vehicles in "GTA 6." More importantly, fans clamour for new outfits when the game title finally arrive.

Are you positive that "Grand Theft Auto 6" will still happen in the future? What are your wish for the "GTA 6?" Don't miss the latest news and update on the game, by reading us here on GamenGuide

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