New Trailer and Details for 'Battlefield 3' DLC End Game's Maps

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 01, 2013 11:34 PM EST

We previously shared some screens of the new maps coming to "Battlefield 3" courtesy of their last DLC, "End Game," but below is the first video actual gameplay. "Video" is a bit of a subjective term, as it's mostly comprised of some 3D pans of the maps mid-action. Regardless, take a look for yourselves below.


Lead designer Niklas Fegraeus gave the maps some explanation in a recent interview trailer, as well as the game's new vehicles and modes. Here's the skinny.

- Speed and agility are the themes with this final map pack, delivered to players by way of the motorbike and planes.
- Each map is supposed to represent a different season of the year: With all the snow Sabalan Pipeline is an obvious choice for winter, Nebandan Flats' desert environement is summer, Operation Riverside represents Autumn, and Kiasar Railroad's lush greeny evergreens takes spring.
- The maps themselves are pretty large with exception to the pipeline, so players can get plenty of enjoyment out of the new motorbikes.
- Plenty of jumps (obvious and hidden) are scattered throughout each map, some providing shortcuts so players can get to the flag in the DLC's new game mode.
- Tips? Grab a ride with a friend on the back of the bike, equip some C4, and if your jump is right, you can cruise right over some enemies, drop the C4, and make out of there scot-free, while a huge explosion goes off at your back, as you ride away like an action movie.

The last DLC for "Battlefield 3," "End Game" is due out later in March. Premium members get their hands on it first for PS3, then it'll hit PC and Xbox 360. 

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