'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Release Date, News & Update: Niantic Labs Releasing Legendary Birds; Which Pokemon are Getting Evolution in Gen 2?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Oct 12, 2016 01:33 PM EDT

"Pokemon Go" Gen 2 is expected to arrive in a few months from now. Players are looking forward to the game and they are waiting for Niantic to introduce some new rare Pokemon through it.

It was reported that with the introduction of "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 players may finally encounter the Legendary Birds. On top of this, a new Buddy System is also expected to be featured in the upcoming game.

The known Legendary Birds - Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres - are Pokemon that cannot be caught even in the wild so most trainers have not seen them until now. Niantic team hinted that they are preparing for an event that would allow "Pokemon GO" gamers to catch the elusive Legendary Birds.

Most probably, the event that is supposed to take place in the future is something that will be featured through "Pokemon Go" Gen 2. However, this theory remained just a speculation for now since there is no official word from Niantic yet.

Moreover, according to Pokemon Go Informer, some of Gen 1 Pocket Monsters are getting an evolution once "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 is launched. The report mentioned Golbat - Crobat, Gloom - Bellossom, Poliwhirl - Politoed, Slowpoke - Slowking, Onix - Steelix, Hitmontop, Chansey - Blissey, Seadra - Kingdra, Scyther - Scizor, Evee - Espeon/Umbreon and Poygon - Porygon 2 as list of Pokemon that will evolve in Gen 2.

It was also mentioned that the main requirement for "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 evolution is the candy. Now, Niantic devised a way to easily gather candies and the it was revealed that the new Buddy System will do the trick. This feature let trainers earn specific types of candies by walking together with their monster buddies, thus it can be an effective way to help with evolving Pokemon.

So, when will "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 be released? Based on speculations, the updated game is arriving some time in March 2017. Then again, players need to wait for official announcement from Niantic Labs to really confirm the exact date.

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