End Game DLC For 'Battlefield 3' Gets A Launch Trailer

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 05, 2013 12:09 PM EST

Ready to go for PS3 Premium members (as soon as the PSN Store updates), DICE has provided a launch trailer for "Battlefield 3's" final DLC, End Game, and it gives fans a hell of a better look at the additions than the last trailer. Check it out below.

As the final DLC for "Battlefield 3," DICE is ensuring that they go out with a bang. End Game adds in two "new" game modes, Capture the Flag, and Air Superiority, as well as vehicles and mpas that are well suited for each new mode. The maps themselves are quite large, giving players plenty of room and jumps to test out the new dirt bikes.

Capture the Flag is self-explanatory, and the dirt bikes should help speed up that particular game mode. Air Superiority will likely be the most interesting game mode for the DLC. First seen in 2009's "Battlefield 1943," the game mode hasn't been seen since. It was more or less a territory capture mode, just taken to the skies. One player wins once he or she has more planes in the air than the other. Helping to mix things up for the mode is the new mobile AA (anti-aircraft, not much of a drinker, really) vehicle. In the past, AA equipment was stationary, but with this new vehicle, players will have to hunt it down to keep the skies friendly, and the advantage theirs. 

Inexplicably, EA is staggering the release for the DLC, each group getting it one week after the previous. Premium members for PS3 players have first dibs on Tuesday. Xbox 360 and PC Premium members are next up, getting it March 12th. Regular PS3 players get access March 19th, and finally, regular PC and Xbox 360 gamers get it March 26th.

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