'Fairy Tail' Chapter 506 Air Date, Spoilers, News and Update: Makarov's Death Ends Gray, Natsu Conflict; Natsu Mission To Fight Zeref's Immortality!

By Ben Lindon , Updated Oct 15, 2016 09:12 PM EDT

"Fairy Tail" chapter 505 featured Makarov's death after using the Fairy Law power to defeat the conquering warriors of Alvarez. In the succeeding chapter, Gray and Natsu Dragneel would become aware of his death. According to reports, the information would bring the former friends back to their senses, and agree to stop fighting to avenge the death of Makarov instead.

In the next "Fairy Tail" chapter 506, Gray and Natsu would come to help Mavis and the Fairy Tail guild to overcome the rest of the Alvarez soldiers. But, Mavis could no longer wait for the return of Natsu, and so she leads the guild to battle. Based on hints, the truce will not last long enough, and Natsu has been confirmed to be E.N. D., an entity made by Zeref, FabNewz Media reported.

During the previous chapters of "Fairy Tail," Zeref made Natsu as the reincarnated form of his dead brother. Being an E.N.D. as well, Natsu is faced with a mission of putting an end to Zeref's curse of immortality. However, this would seem to be acceptable with Gray, considering that his backstory shows that the attack of Etherious Deliora when he was younger affected him, since the role of a demon slayer has been passed onto him.

However, Gray would fail to defeat Natsu, as he was created with the purpose of destroying Zeref.  This only shows that Natsu possess larger power, and that the goal to help Fairy Tail Guild showcases the difference between Gray and Natsu's abilities. "Fairy Tail" chapter 506 is set for release next week, according to report.

In the new "Fairy Tail" chapter 506 entitled "Broken Bonds", the story is reported to focus on Mavis  as he confronts Irene. Both would continue to discuss about the extent of the power of the spell that was cast upon Makarov. Aside from this, the conflict between Gray and Natsu continues and would appear to take up more time to settle their differences, which has started affecting everyone. Moreover, Natsu will finally have the chance to defeat his opponent. Watch video about "Fairy Tail" Chapter - 506 Spoilers!

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