Tom Clancy's ‘The Division’ Update 1.4 Release Date, News & Updates: Roll Out to Happen This Week? New Upgrades Revealed! Details Here!

By Tim Armstrong , Updated Oct 17, 2016 07:10 AM EDT

Ever since the release of Tom Clancy's "The Division," the game has been under fire after several players complained about technical bugs and glitches that have been bothering gamers for quite some time now. Game developer and publisher Ubisoft has already promised fans to take care of the issue and release an update anytime soon.

According to reports, Tom Clancy's "The Division" Update 1.4 is already set to come out this month. However, the company has yet to provide significant details about its upcoming roll out.

Ubisoft has recently launched the game's Public Test Server (PTS) on PC last month, which has said to improve the gaming experience. According to a report by Gaming Bolt, after making several changes, the game developer has finally decided to end Tom Clancy's "The Division" PTS following its Week 3 notes. Now, fans have already shifted their focus on the upcoming release of Tom Clancy's "The Division" Update 1.4.

According to the company, Tom Clancy's "The Division" PTS has certainly found some success, and it promises to utilize the tool for its upcoming updates. The statement from Ubisoft has definitely erased some doubts from fans who were wondering what will happen to the PTS after it ended.

With the upcoming Tom Clancy's "The Division" Update 1.4, players expect more features to be added to the game including weapons and armors. There are reports saying that all weapons, with the exception of Damascus, in the game are no longer locked to its specific Gear Scores. Meanwhile, the game's skill specialists will also have more options for upgrades as the update will also include efficiency increase in their skills.

Meanwhile, fans expect Ubisoft to provide more details about the upcoming Tom Clancy's "The Division" Update 1.4 in the coming days before its launching. The company has continued to stay mum with regard to its scheduled roll out date. Stay tuned for more news and updates about the popular online-only third-person shooter video game Tom Clancy's "The Division."

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