‘Diablo 4’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Upcoming Installment To Be Announced At BlizzCon 2016?

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 18, 2016 02:07 PM EDT

Blizzard's big event BlizzCon 2016 will kick off on November 4, and fans from everywhere are raving for a new Diablo game to be announced in the said event. While there are no certainties that a third Diablo game will be coming soon, some fans are hopeful for a remastered version of "Diablo" or "Diablo 2."

PC Gamer reports that the most interesting rumor for the event was that a BlizzCon promo pack came with a few die, one of which was a four sided one which teased "D4." This was more than enough to get a lot of Diablo fans from across generations excited but unfortunately, it turns out that the numbers on the promotional die were not printed correctly.

Instead of three "1s" that would appear at the bottom of three sides of the die normally, there are two "1s" and one "4" which were made the reflect the starting date of BlizzCon 2016. Since the event will take place on November 4, such appears on a "D4" die as well which explains the promotional item, but it appears that fan excitement has not died out even a bit.

VG247 reports that the root of all the fan excitement arose from the video which showed the die which was uploaded by YouTube user Rhykker. While this has been dismissed as a misprint, Diablo 2's project lead David Brevik and senior producer Bill Roper were spotted recently at Blizzard California, who added fuel to the fire.

A little later on, Brevik tweeted a picture of stars aligning and said that "for 20 years, Diablo-like games have evolved and surprised us. I'm proud to be the adviser for the game that pushes the genre to new heights."

The appearance of two of the biggest figures ever in the development of Diablo could raise some eyebrows, and it becomes even worse with the said tweet. Some fans say that the stars could align on November 4 on BlizzCon for the announcement of a fourth Diablo game, or something even bigger and better. Whatever Blizzard's plans are will be known by fans in a few weeks when big announcements are made on an even as big as BlizzCon 2016.

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