Vintage Apple List Latest News & Updates: iPhone 4, MacBook Air 2010 Are Newest Additions

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 19, 2016 12:29 PM EDT

With Apple releasing a new round of products, old devices such as the iPhone 4 and the MacBook Air 2010 have expectedly been rendered obsolete. The two devices lead a pack of products enshrined in the Vintage Apple list of products, all of which have not gotten any update for the last five years.

It should be noted that the addition of the iPhone 4 and MacBook Air 2010 to the Vintage Apple list are only meant for Japan, Mac Otakara reported. It doesn’t necessarily hold true for other regions who may still be offering support for the seemingly forgotten products.

Then again and at the rate that these products have not gotten any attention, adding them to the Vintage Apple list is already a sign of things to come. They could still be of use for other regions, particularly for the ones who are plainly after usability or having a secondary phone.

As far as support for the said devices is concerned, it is likely that the latest additions to the Vintage Apple list will cease as well. The iPhone 4 was the first one to kick the bucket, the CDMA models of which were inducted into the obsolete last month, Apple Insider reported.

The 2010 MacBook Air line’s case is a bit different though its addition to infamy could very well be done once Apple releases its new line of MacBook Pro 2016 units and possibly some new MacBook Air variants. The new Apple laptops are widely speculated to be coming out later this month at the earliest.

Depending on the region where they are in, it is likely that these devices will not be totally eased out. Like in the case of the iPhone 4, there is a chance that some owners could do some experimenting or even resort to iOS jailbreaking seeing that support for it is no longer feasible. The MacBook Air, on the other hand, could still be of use to some folks, particularly the ones who are plainly looking for a working Apple device to stay productive.

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