‘Half Life 3’ Release Date, News & Update: Valve Confirmed Game Is In The Works? 2018 Launching with VR Support Revealed!

By Maui , Updated Oct 19, 2016 09:42 AM EDT

Until now, there have been no official announcements made for the "Half Life 3" game. Reports say that the game is probably one of the most anticipated games to come. It comes to no surprise that avid gamers and followers of the game series are sharing their ideas and speculations about the game.

But, will there really be a "Half Life 3" rolling out soon? What are the plans of Valve about the very successful game series? These are the commonly questions asked by fans. According to a report from GameSpresso, a recent update "DOTA 2" was released and it contained a code titled "HLVR." If rumors are true, the code might actually mean Half Life Virtual Reality. This automatically hinted the fans that "Half Life 3" is under development and it will have a Virtual Reality support.

Some reports also say that companies Valve and HTC have been working together for the new virtual reality headset for "Half Life 3." At the previously held MWC (Mobile World Congress), HTC chairwoman Cher Wang also confirmed that they are now working on the company's new Virtual Reality Headset. Cher Wang added that they are co-operating with "Half Life," but the chairwoman did not specify if it was the "Half Life 3."

Fans got more excited after hearing the news, with most of them saying that "Half Life" with a Virtual Reality Support will be totally worth the wait. However, "Half Life 3" might probably be launched in the year 2018, as previously stated on our report. Rumors say that Valve might be aiming for this year to celebrate to 20th anniversary of "Half Life." The first "Half Life" that was released was way back in 1998.

There are also rumors about "Half Life 3" having a new game plot. Acording to reports, Gordon Freeman will remain as the main protagonist of the game and his new mission will bring him deep underwater to meet Doctor Helena Mossman. The challenge of the game starts when Gordon Freeman reached the so called Kraken Base underwater. To know the latest news and updates about "Half Life 3," stay tuned to Game & Guide.

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