Success Or Failure Of 'Deadpool' Video Game Will Influence Chance Of A Deadpool Movie [OPINION]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 23, 2013 11:24 AM EDT

The fans have been clamoring for the merc with a mouth to get his own movie ever since a snippet on the silver screen making it seem like a possibility flashed before their eyes during the post-credits of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

According to the actor behind Mr. Wilson, Ryan Reynolds, despite having a script, director, and good amount of the cast, the studio is "reluctant" to make a movie that would live up to the legacy set by the uber-violent mutie.

"It's up to the studio," Reynolds said recently. "The studio I think is reluctant to pull the trigger on such a hard Rated-R script. Then the guys who wrote it and the producers won't make it unless it's that hard and, you know, raunchy."

With comics still thought of as more rated PG than rated R by a lot of Hollywood bigwigs, we can get Wolverine to tell Magneto and Professor X to "fuck off," but apparently the idea of a mouthy mercenary slicing and dicing bad guys while spitting pop culture quips just isn't in the cards. But you know what sure could help them change their minds?

When a videogame proves that it can be done (no pressure High Moon). If the game is able to pull off smart ass humor with sensational violence, and make enough money doing it, it'll show Hollywood that there's both an audience and market for a movie, because after all, it's all about the money.

Think back to some of Marvel's earlier games before the X-Men hit big at the box office. "Punisher" (and no, the Dolph Lundgren one doesn't count), "Spider-Man," "X-Men"? Each property had a multitude of games, TV shows, etc., long before they had their time on the silver screen. 

This seems to be limited to Marvel though, whereas DC has been making box office dollars for quite some time. On the other hand, its properties haven't had nearly the amount of success as Marvel where video games are concerned. It took countless attempts before Batman got the game he deserved with the "Arkham" series, and Superman is still waiting around for a decent game.

Will the "Deadpool" game's success make or break the chances of the movie getting made? Doubtful, but it will definitely influence it.

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