'League of Legends' Latest News & Updates: Missed The Patch Notes? Here's a Recap; Korea Closing in on the Gold?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 20, 2016 01:53 AM EDT

"League of Legends" may have released a new series of updates lately, but that alone may not be the stopper to those who still aim for victory. Apart from the plethora of features that were tweaked, more triumphant news has befallen the world-popular title.

As some may know, "League of Legends" will be drawing the curtains down to one season in the number of weeks to come. Due to it, updates are bound to wash ashore that is exactly what the title has done and was released not too long back from the time of this writing. That being said, those unaware may want to take note of some of the slight and heavier changes.

According to Yahoo News, one of the most highly-noticed changes belong to the Nidalee, wherein her cougar form abilities receive one more second in cool down. In the same manner, the healing scales are based upon the depleted health that will make her recovery and plotting a little bit trickier for the recent "League of Legends" 6.21 update.

Buffs are also no exception in the "League of Legends" tweak, as Kog'Maw gets his share of more damage with the ult while using up less mana in the process. Nasus was also affected by the patch-up and lastly, Ivern also received changes coming from the 6.20 patch. Other than that, most of the tweaks were addressed to the bug fixes accordingly, such as Ashe's Q, Ziggs'E and Yorick's Maiden.

While all the updates left players in awe, victory has already been attained in the 2016 "League of Legends" World Championships. The ROX Tigers and China Edward Gaming made it to the semi-finals after eliminating Edward Gaming standing at 3-1 in the quarter-final bout. Generally, the Korean teams have taken over the competition as the European and North American entrants failed to make it through smoothly to the October 30th conclusion.

What else will "League of Legends" present to the world apart from the updates and the neck-to-neck competition? Stay locked for further news here at GamenGuide!

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