‘Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location Custom Night’ DLC Release Date, Latest News & Update: Free Patch To Add More Spice

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 20, 2016 02:44 PM EDT

“Five Night’s At Freddy’s Sister Location” has now kept a lot of players busy though there may be more to look forward to in the coming months. With DLCs known to add more flavor to online games, Scott Cawthon is busy creating some though details have yet to be revealed.

This is with reference to the “Five Night’s At Freddy’s Sister Location Custom Night” DLC which has been confirmed to be coming soon. The only thing certain for now is that the added content is free and that it will be more of an extra than something to update the game’s storyline, something announced at a Steam Discussion thread.

Many “Five Night’s At Freddy’s Sister Location” players had hopes to see the free DLC this Halloween though it doesn’t look like Cawthon will be able to finish and release it on time. Instead, the best time to wait for the Custom Night DLC may be in December.

The Custom Night DLC for “Five Night’s At Freddy’s Sister Location” will offer something different to gamers, an add-on that can reportedly be accessed via the Extras menu. The special feature can only be accessed by players who have a 3-star completion, something that can only be obtained if players are able to complete the game’s endings.

Speaking of “Five Night’s At Freddy’s Sister Location” endings, it was mentioned in a previous post that getting the true ending will be a bit tricky. Apparently there will be two endings to expect and getting the right one will depend on a player’s choices in-game.

That includes potentially passing up the ‘mini game’ in “Five Night’s At Freddy’s Sister Location” and not use the keycard reward to get the right ending. Doing so would direct players to the ‘fake’ ending which is to send the ‘Baby’ animatronic to the ‘Scooper’ according to a Steam user.

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