'Final Fantasy VII,' 'Kingdom of Hearts III' Latest News & Update: Square Enix Talks of Remake & 4K Support

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 20, 2016 07:48 PM EDT

An interview with Tetsuya Nomura centered on "Final Fantasy VII" remake and "Kingdom of Hearts III" which are among the list of highly-anticipated titles today.

Starting with "Final Fantasy VII" first. Nomura revealed that there are lots of changes in this remake to the point that even veteran gamers might actually call it a new title, considering the thin line separating remakes. This title will reemerge from scratch so expect changes in battle gameplay. Nomura repeatedly used the word "battle" then later admits that he can't actually describe these overwhelming battle changes simply because of its magnitude.

Nomura said that veteran gamers gave them suggestions to stick to original "Final Fantasy VII" gameplay. However, heavier battle was favored and lighter mood was ditched to attract future fans. Nomura also said that the best feature this remake can boast is realism in every chapter. Siliconera, listed Guard Scorpion as the crowning glory of this realism.

Now going into "Kingdom of Hearts III," Nomura started the whole discussion by apologizing for delays in its release date. To recall, KH3 was originally slated for Dec 2016 but moved to January next year. The developer reasoned that foremost consideration in this decision is the coincidental release of other titles. After all, no developer wants to suffer dilemma of pitting his titles against each other.

Actually, the gaming world is not disappointed with "Kingdom of Hearts III" because a pre-release version 2.8 is looming to fill the void. Kingdom of Hearts site described 2.8 is an HD iteration that will serve as prologue for the proper 3rd title. This prologue is also a welcome development because it can serve as tester to capabilities of PlayStation 4 Pro due to its 4K support capability.

Nomura also teased "Kingdom of Hearts III" gameplay a bit. His focus shifted to character Sora who can switch her keyblade as the game goes on. Comparably, character Aqua cannot do so. Nomura believes that this simple feature will actually result to big change on how KH3 is played.

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