Borderlands 2: Top Five Legendary Guns

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Mar 24, 2013 10:41 AM EDT

“Borderlands 2,” as well as the original, is know for its boatload of amazing Legendary guns that can be picked up from fallen enemies. Getting these guns is no easy feat and only when you get to around level 50, as I have, will even stand a chance to take down these big guys.

There are a host of Legendaries that you could pick up while exploring and fighting your way through Pandora.

Here are the top five guns that will give you an extra edge, provided you find them in the first place.

Veruc: One of the top guns that you can get your hands on without much problem is the Veruc. 

There are several flavors to gun inculding Feral Veruc and Attack Veruc but they're pretty much the same gun.

The Veruc does massive damage, 7825x3 to be precise. To get the gun, you’ll have to look for guy named Mobley in the mission “The Dust.”

The Veruc shoots three bullets in a horizontal pattern, but when you zoom it radically increases to five or six.

Veruc makes it easy to make multiple kills due to its beastly capabilities, with the option of a triple burst. Other specifications include 89.0 Accuracy, 5.3 Fire Rate, 4.0 Reload Speed, and 33 Magazine Size.

Bunny: The Bunny is a rocket launcher. The most amazing thing about the gun is that it explodes like a grenade when reloaded, and when you throw it toward an enemy it actually hops to its target before going boom.

The damage from this thing is a massive 122324, and you will need to reach at least Level 49 before you even think about going for the gun. The RPG is usually obtained by killing Chubby enemies who, when fallen, will either drop a Bunny or a Whisky Tango Foxtrot Legendary booster shield.

While this Legendary can be obtained almost anywhere in Pandora, Caustic Caverns are the best place. Please note, when you throw the gun at your enemies it will hop for a while before actually exploding.

Other details include 72.2 Accuracy, 0.9 Fire Rate, 3.8 reload Speed, and Magazine Size 3.

Longbow: The Contingent Longbow sniper gives off a heavy damage rate of about 29000, and the gun looks like something that came straight out of a “Minecraft” game.

This Legendary is not very easy to get. Caustic Caverns is the place where you will get this piece of gear and the gun will be dropped by a Badass Creeper after you defeated an army of Creepers who look the ones in “Minecraft.”

The bullets from this gun look like pixilated arrows. It also boasts 50 percent melee damage with a huge blade in the front. The gun is useful against Armored Maniacs.

Other details include 97.9 Accuracy, 1.8 Fire Rate, 4.2 Reload Speed, and 6 Magazine size.

Madhous: The Madhous Legendary Assault Rifle can be obtained randomly through looting. The gun can also be obtained from Pyro Pete’s Bar.

Sometimes the aiming can get a bit problematic but it's the perfect weapon for close combat action.

Madhous has 5254 Damage, 7.1 Fire Rate, 8.4 Reload Speed, and 113 Magazine Size.

Logan’s Gun: Logan’s Gun is a legendary Hyperion incendiary pistol that is available at the Tundra Express Farmhouse, and doing the “The End of the Line” quest.

While this Legendary has a decent damage rate for a pistol, the Fire Rate isn’t that cool. However, it is definitely a keepsake. The pistol features exploding bullets. The trick is to aim at the feet rather than at the enemy, and the damage will increase a bit.

Logan's Gun has 7347 Damage, 98.5 Accuracy, 2.0 Fire Rate, 2.2 Reload Speed, Magazine size 22, and consumes two ammo per shot.

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