'Half-Life 3' Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Valve Clues, Hints Troll or Accident? Fans Seek More Answers on Game

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 24, 2016 06:42 PM EDT

"Half-Life 3" has been a sad idea to many fans for the longest time, and all hopes have seemingly been put to waste. Fans have always kept a keen eye on what can and might happen in the future for Valve's franchise, but all such observations became speculations almost instantly.

As some fans of the power company may know, Valve has created a fortune in the form of their first-person shooter masterpieces, namely "Counter-Strike," "Team Fortress," "Left 4 Dead" and of course, "Half-Life." That being said, it is a natural craving for fans of Valve to look for the continuity of such games, as majority of the aforementioned have ended their streak after the second installment. This leads to the conclusion of "Half-Life 3" being a mere myth.

According to Gamespresso, "Half-Life 3" may be seemingly impossible to envision for the moment, but fans may have consistently seen the flaws of Valve in the past. Most of the errors which fans claim to be the source of these anomalies include the scrambled files found within their games, specifically "DOTA 2."

Reports stated that "DOTA 2" was recently found with a file containing the code "HLVR" which is speculated to be "Half-Life 3" in Virtual Reality setting. This, however, has been clarified to be a universal code at most, found in other games such as "Destination" and "DOTA 2" -- a message saying that the HLVR will make the player speak. Given that the lead character of the franchise, Gordon Freeman, does not talk, it is said to not be him anymore despite circulating rumors.

At this point, fans of the series may not be able to determine fact from theory around "Half-Life 3" and they could just be stalled away from the reality of Valve's plans. Valve has not ruled out the idea of a third title, but as of the moment, time is of the essence for the company and they cannot do a whole lot of things at once.

Will "Half-Life 3" finally surface soon? Or will Valve simply keep the rumor mill turning? Stay posted for more news here at GamenGuide.

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