‘Dance Moms’ Season 6 Spoilers, News & Update: JoJo Siwa Kicked Out From ALDC? Debbie Allen To Replace Abbie Miller?

By Bernie Y. , Updated Oct 26, 2016 12:48 AM EDT

"Dance Moms" season 6 has been brimming with news of JoJo Siwa leaving the show and it appears that it finally happened. Abby Lee Miller and the rest of the moms are fed up with JoJo and her mother so they decided to kick them out of the show. Yes, JoJo Siwa is no longer with Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC).

If this isn't bad enough, the ALDC coach may have reached her limits and recently broke down over the numerous lawsuits filed against her. Who will replace her?

Bad News 1: JoJo Siwa Leaves 'Dance Moms' Season 6

GameNGuide has been reporting JoJo Siwa's absence in "Dance Moms" season 7, prompting many to believe that sooner or later, she will be leaving the current season. Apparently, the speculations were correct as JoJo is reportedly kicked out from ALDC and the "Dance Moms" season 6. Per Blasting News, JoJo was forced to leave the show by not only Abby Lee Miller but also the other moms too.

To recall, JoJo Siwa was assigned a ballet number together with Kendall Vertes in the previous episode of "Dance Moms" season 6. JoJo admitted that ballet is not one of her strong suits and when her mom Jessalynn learned of the assignment, her mom became hysterical.

Jessalynn believed that Abby Lee Miller intentionally wanted her daughter to look bad in that particular episode of "Dance Moms" season 6. Afterwards, Jessalynn pulled out JoJo from performing in the competition without any text or prior notice, offending the ALDC coach. The action did not sit well with the other moms too, saying that JoJo's presence was actually not obvious during the competition.

Bad News 2: Abby Lee Miller Breaks Down

Sitting high on top of the mounting stress Abby Lee Miller is feeling are the lawsuits filed against her. In a sneak peek for "Dance Moms" season 6 episode 30, Abby breaks down over her on-going fraud cases as revealed by the moms.

Abby Lee Miller is seen taking a call from Debbie Allen, who seemed to have taken interest on ALDC. Given Abby's legal issues, there are a lot of interested parties, who are more than willing to take over the studio.

Is this the end for Abby Lee Miller? Will she be leaving the show soon? "Dance Moms" season 6 will air a brand new episode on October 25 on Lifetime. Stay tuned to GameNGuide for more hot details on "Dance Moms" season 6.

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