‘Street Fighter 5’ Season 2 2017 DLC Release Date, News & Update: New Winter Character Teased; Capcom Making Big Announcement in December?

By Laine Lucas , Updated Oct 25, 2016 05:52 PM EDT

"Street Fighter 5" recently released the final DLC character to be in the season 1 roster, which was Urien. Now, reports are rife that Capcom is preparing for the introduction of season 2 DLC characters that will arrive sometime in 2017.

As previously reported by GamenGuide, earlier leaks suggested that Oro could be one of the players in the "Street Fighter 5" season 2 DLC. Oro is a popular character that had only appeared in "Street Fighter 3," but it's possible that he will be featured as a playable character come 2017. Oro considers Ryu deserving to learn his secret martial arts technique and they could soon reunite. Since Ryu has already conquered Satsui No Hado in "Street Fighter 5's" Story Mode, it is possible that he will soon meet the master.

Besides Oro, there were others believed to likely be part of "Street Fighter 5" season 2 DLC: Sodom, Abel, Sagat, Q and Rose - all of which are characters from previous installments. Now, a new report suggests that Capcom might just introduce a new character who will be part of the 2017 DLC.

The particular character was spotted at a billboard in London and with a closer look, it was revealed that it was a poster for a movie titled "Secret Delta," EventHubs reported. In it was a character wearing a hoodie and appears to have icy powers. There was even the name Eisbahn indicated on the poster and according to Redditor HierophantG, the name is in German and translates to "ice rink." According to EventHubs, Eisbahn's appearance in the billboard is not only a means to promote the movie but it's possible that it was a tease for "Street Fighter 5" Season 2 DLC.

"Secret Delta" is indicated to be a Winter 2016 release, but it makes more sense if it also has something to do with "Street Fighter 5" Season 2 DLC for 2017. Meanwhile, Capcom Cup will take place on Dec. 3, 2016, and the company is expected to make a big announcement. Speculation is rife that Capcom will share some information on the upcoming 2017 DLC. Since Capcom hasn't confirmed anything just yet, fans should just take the abovementioned report with a pinch of salt. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more updates.

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