‘Minecraft’ Latest News & Update: Story Mode’s 1st Episode Goes Free for Xbox, Windows 10

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 26, 2016 12:08 PM EDT

"Minecraft" has always been carefree game intended for creating custom 3D world using own rules, no levels nor rewards - just total freedom. But everything changed with "Minecraft: Story Mode" because this new setup presents adventure. Good thing is, Microsoft decided to offer this twist in Windows 10 and Xbox One for free.

Gamers who own Microsoft devices takes on protagonist Jesse and his gang as they roam in "Minecraft: Story Mode" to embark in an adventure. Mojang fans - or Microsoft rather, will now have the opportunity to play the first episode for free. A nice move from Microsoft since buying the game from Mojang.

Windows Central promises "Minecraft: Story Mode" expectants to enjoy threading Overworld, Nether and The End. Each of these open worlds present different adventures and perils to Jesse and company. The primary quest for Jesse is to find The Order of Stone and save the world. Though a prelude might spoil the gamers' experience, it is necessary to reveal that Jesse is on his way to Endercon when the Order vanished, thus starting the whole mystery.

Microsoft seems to be in a good mood this week because they also presented other equally good news. "Minecraft: Story Mode" complete adventure retail disc was also repriced to slash the cost of episode 1. This means that Season, Adventure, Deluxe and Complete Adventure passes were also repriced.

Meanwhile it seems that "Minecraft" was tied to freebies even before Microsoft taking over. "Minecraft: Story Mode" is the recent addition to follow Mojang's tradition of making gamers happy and few dollars richer. In July, Minecraft-Windows 10 connection was forged when PC gamers where offered Windows 10 Edition Beta for free. Honestly, gamers thought that similar events wouldn't happen again after Minecraft sale but they were all proved wrong.

So, convinced that free "Minecraft: Story Mode" first episode is a fair deal? Let me stress that this is just the first episode going free. However, it is a good barometer of how other episode looks like so, enjoy!

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