'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News, Release Date & Update: All New Pokemon from Alola Leaked; Ultra Beasts to Pose as Threat

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Oct 26, 2016 08:30 AM EDT

The official launch of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is less than a month away, several leaks have already made their rounds on the web. The interesting leaks have laid out the brand new Pokemon and other intriguing gameplay elements.

All New Pokemon

When the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo was released around the world last week, many fans have decided to duly compile the new Pokemon present in the Alola region. According to some sources, there are now 81 new Pokemon that hail from the region, which then includes the shiny and Alolan variants.

Perhaps one of the most interesting new feature in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is the Alolan versions. Not only did the appearance of certain Pokemon change, but their Types and Ability as well. This would certainly affect the gameplay of most players in the upcoming game.

The starter Pokemon of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have also garnered a lot of attention. The final evolution stage of Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio, the traditional Grass, Fire, and Water starters, have all been leaked, which then received mixed reception from the fans.

Ultra Beasts

Aside from the new Pokemon, players would also be encountering the Ultra Beasts in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." They are then described as a threat to both the humans and the Pokemon in the Alola region and possess mighty power.

Ultra Beasts in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are only called after a codename. There are currently three known kinds, named UB-01, UB-02 Absorption, and UB-02 Beauty.

Pokemon Design Language

On an interview with Kotaku, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" director Shigeru Omori explained the ridiculous design of the Alola Pokemon. He said that for the 20th anniversary of the franchise, the team "wanted to have a lot of special surprises." He then added that they wanted to incorporate a funny element.

Ohmoro then explained that they "had to find a balance of cool ones, serious ones. We looked at the Alola region as a whole and thought about that ecosystem." He then attributed some of the Alolan forms in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" to the temperature, where there's too much sunlight, so Exeggutor grew so ridiculously tall. Eager fans who cannot wait for the November 18 official release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can download the demo version here.

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