‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic’s Latest Update Breaks ‘Pokemon Go Plus’

By RG Ferrer , Updated Oct 27, 2016 07:19 AM EDT

A "Pokemon Go" update that would have improved the functionality of the gaming accessory "Pokemon Go Plus" may have broken the said device. Latest reports revealed the connectivity issues that some players experienced following the release of Niantic's latest patch.

Niantic recently deployed its patch 0.43.3 and 1.13.3 for Android and iOS devices, respectively, that introduced a few enhancements to "Pokemon Go" including the "Pokemon Go Plus" watch. Apart from the new egg patterns, game developers introduced a battery indicator feature to the gaming device.

However, several gamers have reported technical issues with the "Pokemon Go Plus" watch. It appears that Niantic's latest update prevented the said accessory from connecting with the game, Nintendo Life reported.

Despite the appearance of a notification that indicated the successful connection of the "Pokemon Go Plus" watch, the device is not functioning properly. Rebooting the phone and disconnecting the gaming device also does not work, as indicated in the same report.

The latest "Pokemon Go" technical issue has already reached Niantic and game technicians are already working on a fix. At this time, it is still unclear if the company will be able to deploy a new patch to address the said bug before October ends. Niantic has yet to provide an update about the said connectivity issue.

In other news, Niantic introduced its first "Pokemon Go" gaming event that features a Halloween-themed challenge for avid players. Similar to the spooky holiday's iconic children's activity "Trick or Treat," the gaming company is giving away higher candy rewards during the Halloween season.

Gamers can enjoy increased candy bonuses when hatching eggs, capturing Pokemon creatures and transferring monsters. Niantic has also unleashed more scary-looking Pokemon creatures such as Haunter, Zubat, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Hypno and Drowzee. The said monsters are a mix of flying, psychic and ghostly-type Pokemon with various combat abilities.

The "Pokemon Go" Halloween will run from Oct. 26 until Nov. 1. Watch the gaming event's teaser below:

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