'Civilization 6' Guide, Latest News & Update: Active Progression Makes Each 'Civ' Victory Unique

By Anna So , Updated Nov 04, 2016 07:21 AM EDT

There are so many ways to play "Civilization 6". Aside from achieving four victory types such as Religious, Cultural, Domination and Science, a player can tweak some of the settings and enjoy a much different gameplay. "Civilization 6" shakes up more of the series as it introduces another key change in the game - Active Progression.

Civilization 6: Active Progression Speeds Up Victory

"By completing activities in Civilization 6, players can speed up their progress and unlock technological secrets and build a strong cultural society", Ed Beach, lead designer of "Civilization 6" said.

Active progression forges closer connections between the player's civ and the technology tree. If a player builds a city on the coast, it would only be natural for the civ to have access to the technology much sooner than a civ whose cities are within the land.  It presents players with much more consistency and interesting actions throughout the entire game. Engaging in Active Progression unlocks unlimited opportunities and rewards that will greatly help a gamer achieve any of the four victory types.

"We had to test out this new strategy last night and one player commented that the Active Progression system kept him thinking every single turn of the game," Beach said. "He was faced with so many possible unlocks and a much engaging gameplay that amazed him even more." He added.

Active progression doesn't only apply to technologies but also to the Civics tree. The civics tree gives a player access to unlock Governments, Social Policies, Wonders and new Diplomatic Options. "Civilization 6"  also has the newest game tweak that applies to both Technology and Civic Trees. Also, there are a number of cases in which the activity in one tree propels a boost in the other. Even if a player is rooting for a Science or a Religious Victory, progressing with culture through the civics tree can be a very important component of a Player's strategy. 

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