'Limitless' Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Will Amazon Pick Up the Show? Problematic Drug Premise Still a Huge Factor

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 05, 2016 07:18 AM EDT

Amazon has reportedly picked up the second season of the former CBS shot "Limitless." However, the online streaming platform is still uncertain of pushing through, as they are still skeptical about the drug-related them of the show. Is "Limitless" Season 2 still happening?

The Show's Cancellation

News about the cancellation of action crime drama show had been confirmed several times already, hinting that "Limitless" Season 2 might not happen. Showrunners Craig Sweeny and Bradley Cooper had reportedly been lobbying the show to different networks. They have tried on NBC, The CW, Netflix, and a host of other networks.

However, just recently, there have been reports that negotiations have been slowly but surely moving forward with Amazon and FX. Among the two, Amazon was reported to be more likely picking up the show and continue airing "Limitless" Season 2.

Problematic Plot

Although being praised by fans for its great run in the first season, "Limitless" has been received with mixed reactions from reviewers and critics. They said that the plot was generally hard to follow and the story was difficult to understand. There have even been reviews stating that even the likeable hero of "Limitless" did not save the show from its problematic premise and narrative. Fans demanded that these should be improved in "Limitless" Season 2?

Despite all these though, Netflix still picked up the first season of "Limitless." After the show's cancellation on CBS, Netflix did not pick up the show either. As of now, the unfortunate fate of "Limitless" Season 2 could still be attributed to its premise.

Today though, Amazon has now become the key player in the airing of "Limitless" Season 2. However, they are still yet to finalize the decision on this matter due, again, to the show's theme.

Drug Premise

"Limitless" follows Brian Finch, who discovers the power of a mysterious drug called NZT-48. He discovers that it could unlock the full potential of the brain, giving the user enhanced mental abilities. This premise alone is holding back the networks from picking up the show. Should fans expect "Limitless" Season 2?

According to FX, although networks are actually interested in continuing "Limitless" Season 2, they are skeptical about the risk of the drug element. Viewers may mistakenly pickup from the show that the network is actually supporting or advocating the use of these drugs. With the future of "Limitless" still uncertain, will the Season 2 ever see the light?

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