Frozen 2 Premier Date, News & Update: Cast Members Might Change: Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgins and Demi Lovato Joining?

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 07, 2016 06:30 AM EST

Disney Frozen fans are excited with the news that Frozen 2 is already being prepared for a 2018 premiere. This was confirmed after writers of the show mentioned that they are already working on the movie and the Frozen 2 cast have shared a few spoilers.

According to reports, Kristen Bell who voices Princess Anna, confirmed that the writing process for Frozen 2 has already started. The team is trying to make it as perfect as they can and that the Frozen 2 cast are all on call to start recording. Rushing the script is not a priority for them.

Speculations have spread that since there is is no official release of the possible plot or teaser for Frozen 2, Disney may actually be considering an Elsa and Jack Frost cross over. Another rumor that has piqued the fans' interest is the news that the Frozen 2 cast might be including a gay character who will play a big role in the movie.

Frozen 2 cast news and updates have been widely searched for the past few months especially after news about some cast changes have circulated. Demi Lovato is one of the stars who is rumored as a potential replacement for Idina Menzel in her role as Elsa. Other members of the main cast will reportedly reprise their roles in the Frozen 2 movie. Josh Gad as Olaf and Kristen Bell as Anna. People have been curious though as to why it seems like only Bell is sharing some information about Frozen 2.

Bad blood is reportedly brewing between the Frozen 2 cast epecially after news about Idina Menzel's wedding has been announced. Kristen Bell and Josh Gad seems to be unhappy about the constant changes in their recording schedule due to Menzel's wedding preparations.

The delays may be good for the preparation for Frozen 2 but sources have stated that if the producers continue to favor Idina Menzel, the voices of Anna and Olaf might decide to quit the filiming for Frozen 2.

Other sources have also mentioned that Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens have been eyeing the role for Elsa. The two stars have already mentioned that singing for an animated movie is one of their dreams.

The Frozen 2 cast, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgins have not confirmed any details yet. Stay tuned for more information about the premiere date and updates for the up and coming Frozen 2 movie.

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