‘Civilization 6’ Cheats, Guides & Update: How To Handle Difficult Challenges; Tips From The Experts, Find Out Here!

By AASalvador , Updated Nov 07, 2016 09:06 AM EST

The new "Civilization 6" is both exciting and challenging especially for the amateur gamers. With that, some experts are sharing some tips on how to survive this popular game from Firaxis Games.

New players can find a simple task quite challenging even if it is quite simple for the more seasoned players like disabling walls and city defences. For "Civilization 6" Steam players, they can tweak the default location and look for file names like Buildings and Civics. In changing the codes, they need to back up to make sure data are safe.

Wall and city defenses will be nullified as codes are changed in "Civilization 6." This will make AI easier to capture the cities. However, the player's own city will also be vulnerable to other attacks. Hence, it should always defend its city with troops.

Some Workers have been replaced by Builders in "Civilization 6." So what is the difference between the two? Workers are in charge of clearing the land and making improvement. Builders have the same functions as the workers but they do it immediately.

Expert players of "Civilization 6" know that it would be better to delegate task to a Builder rather than to a Worker. The latter has the tendency to be idle but the former can perform three tasks right away.

"Civilization 6" Traders will be able to build roads from their home to the destination city. This could speed up link to other civilization without getting the help of a Worker. A Military Engineer can also be a great help if player do not want a trading partner.

Building cities and districts in "Civilization 6" is very important. New players should know that before they can build, they need to set up the district at home first. Six districts that players should build are the ones that produce currencies like science, culture, faith production and gold.

What are your tips in playing "Civilization 6?" Comment below and stay tuned to GamenGuide.

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