'Pokemon Go' Latest News: Update v. 0.45.0 Getting Huge Bonuses, Scaling Streaks & Daily First Catch Incentives

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 09, 2016 07:10 AM EST

Going out and searching through the vast and wide environment is part of being a trainer in the game of "Pokemon Go". As people capture the random Pokemon popping out of their environment with the use of their cameras, nothing beats the bonuses they get from PokeStops and defeating Gym Leaders along their way.

Of course, people make use of their time efficiently. Aside from the mechanics of the game, there is something that Niantic Labs should incorporate in their developed game, which is adding some incentives to make players play more. Yes, if you thought of bonuses, then you are right. With the "Pokemon Go" update that is released, players will get bonuses that will boost their progress and advance further. In addition, this will make their gaming experience better than ever.


The update note from the developers

Based on the message from the developer, Niantic Labs, the game will be updated to version 0.45.0 and version 1.15.0 for iOS, and will have the following: First, the bonuses you earn are even doubled unlike before. You get even bigger bonus when you play seven times in a row. Just stopping by at PokeStops will earn you a bonus, even on your first Pokemon catch. Next, there will be a short duration of time to place a Pokemon in the open Gym when you defeat a Gym Leader at a rival Gym. The amount of gained prestige is lowered by training in friendly Gyms while the amount of prestige lost by rival Gym, when losing, is increased, especially when you defeat a normal Gym member. Lastly, some minor text fixes to organize everything in "Pokemon Go". Since the release and announcement of this update last week (you can view the message directly from the developers), player are now enjoying each turn of events when they log in to the game.

New Pokemons in the future!?

You can call it a leak but a devoted group for Pokemon called SilphRoad found amazing discoveries based on the codes of Pokemon Go. It is discovered that the code for Ditto's move Transform. These discoveries include the reference of 100 Pokemons which includes Chikorita until Celebi. However, this is still a plan and might come out in the nearest future (stated in Wired).

Furthermore, the basic core of the game is catching Pokemon. With more Pokemons added in the future, this would increase the diversity of the types of Pokemon. Players will have to wait for another Pokemon Go update and hopefully this update will surely have another perspective and incorporate the world of Pokemon into this convenient game.

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