‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Ditto Leading Generation 2 Monsters, New Codes; Out By Christmas?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 08, 2016 12:44 PM EST

“Pokemon Go” continues to wade the waters and Niantic promises to make it worth the while with new enhancements to the augmented reality game. The remaining active players may have already seen the perks like the Buddy System, color-coded eggs and more but the best may yet come.

In a previous post, Ditto was mentioned once again as potentially joining the elite list of pocket monsters on “Pokemon Go”. The creature was mentioned by CEO John Hanke as existing though spotting has yet to be reported by anyone.

Though that report was more hypothetical, a new discovery in the added codes could shed more light on the fate of Ditto. Thanks to the efforts of some data miners, there were some lines referencing to the shape-shifting critter who may be part of the 100 generation 2 monsters, The Silph Road reveals.

For some, word about Ditto may not necessarily be new. Aside from the dish of Hanke, traces of his existence have been in the “Pokemon Go” scripts. The only difference right now is the ‘transform’ move, hinting at Ditto having his own animation sequence, Engadget reported.

So if Ditto didn’t come out in “Pokemon Go” Gen 1, expectations should be higher now once generation 2 is rolled out. The bad news is that Niantic hasn’t given players an actual release date to wait on, meaning augmented reality players will just have to play on and hope to see some good soul sharing a sighting soon.

With a couple of special events lined up, there is a chance that Ditto could make an appearance. Christmas seems to be a feasible time to consider, believed to be the best time for Niantic to go soft on players who want to see something different.

If Ditto does come out this Christmas season, catching him is another. Will Niantic be in the Holiday mood and give players a break?

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