Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Latest News & Update: 'Mass Effect' Trilogy Now Available in the Game Library; More DLCs, Expansions To Follow?

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 09, 2016 08:22 AM EST

When the Xbox team announced that fan-favorite games would be coming to the console via the Backward Compatibility program, fans have speculated a lot of games to be included. What they did not know was how close they were to reality.

The 'Mass Effect' Trilogy

Fans of the "Mass Effect" trilogy can now rejoice as all three installments can now be accessed in the Xbox One console, thanks to the backward compatibility program. Now, all players have to do is pop their game discs, download the game, and start reliving the times where Commander Shepard is ready to be commandeered.

Just recently, Xbox UK has posted a tweet announcing the availability of the "Mass Effect" trilogy on Xbox One. The Twitter post also contained the #N7Day hashtag. The posted photo shows the three games. "Mass Effect," "Mass Effect 2," and "Mass Effect 3" were presented side by side. They also used the original Xbox 360 cover arts in the teaser image.

Atop the games, the title reads "Now Playable on Xbox One." With this, the entire core series of "Mass Effect" is now available on the Xbox One through the Backward Compatibility program. The original "Mass Effect" game had already been available in the game library since day one. However, fans have been complaining on whether the entire trilogy will be available in the flagship console.

"Mass Effect" DLCs

According to reports, the downloadable content in these "Mass Effect" games would then be available across all the installments through However, this detail still needs to be confirmed both by Microsoft and BioWare.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Just recently, the Xbox team had announced that the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program will be bringing games that are most requested by the fans to the flagship console. These games would then be added to the ever-growing game library of almost 300 games. With the addition of the "Mass Effect" trilogy, the library has truly been bolstered, so fans could expect a lot more interesting titles to come.

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