'Steven Universe' Season 4 Episode 8 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Show Returning November 17; Steven, the Gems Play with Vegetables?

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 11, 2016 08:34 AM EST

After its long break, "Steven Universe" Season 4 is finally coming back this November. This time around, Steven and the gems are going to play with some vegetables around.

Season 4 Coming Back!

"Steven Universe" is the story of a boy who gained a set of awesome powers. It also focuses on the world around him. On "Steven Universe" Season 4, the show has aired only 7 episodes so far. The last one was shown back in September, so fans are getting anxious when the next episode will be released.

Good news though, as "Steven Universe" Season 4 Episode 8 is set to air on November 17. Reports say that the eighth episode of the season will be titled "Gem Harvest." It will be a special episode running for 22 mintues. It will then revolve around the gems and Steven trying to give different vegetables gem-like properties.

Vegetable Gem Properties

The interesting "Steven Universe" Season 4 episode will see the gems managing to give life to a pumpkin. However, it will then fight them. Steven will use his only charm to help the pumpkin and its owners in bounding fast.

This news comes to the delight of the fans of "Steven Universe" Season 4. Lately, there have been rumors circulating the net that the show was set to be cancelled due to low ratings. However, this has been disproved recently, with the creator confirming the show's persistent air viewing.

"Steven Universe" and Other Cartoons Holiday Specials

Some reports had shared additional information regarding some of the upcoming episodes of "Steven Universe" Season 4. One episode will be titled "Three Gems and a Baby." It will be another story about the baby Steven. The episode will be showing Greg Universe sharing the story of the first winter together of Steven and the gems. This is expected to be the "Steven Universe" holiday special.

Additionally, aside from "Steven Universe" Season 4, other shows like "Teen Titans Go!", "The Amazing World of Gumball", "Uncle Grandpa", "We Bare Bears", and "The Powerpuff Girl" are expected to release holiday specials. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for the latest news and updates about "Steven Universe" Season 4.

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