NBA News & Rumors: Donald Trump could ban champion teams from visiting the White House

By Ernest Hernandez , Updated Nov 11, 2016 06:26 AM EST

For the past years, NBA teams that have won the championship always scored a chance to meet the current President of the United States of America at the White House. With Donald Trump winning the 2016 elections, there are already doubts that the next NBA Champions won't be given a courtesy call and the tradition could be broken.

Just a few hours ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers visited outgoing President, Barack Obama for the traditional courtesy call by the NBA champions at the White house. Barack Obama, a self-confessed basketball addict welcomed and joked with the reigning champions during their short visit.

"Before I go any further, want to give a special thanks to J.R. Smith's shirt for showing up," Barack Obama joked as quoted from USA Today. "I wasn't sure if it was going to make an appearance today. I'm glad you came. You're a very nice shirt."

Barack Obama was all praises to the Cleveland Cavaliers as he witnessed a team that came back from 3-1 deficit to demolish the Golden State Warriors in Game 7. Barack Obama, a Chicago-native, joked and thanked the Cleveland Cavaliers for securing his favorite 96'-97' Chicago Bulls team to be still arguably the best team in the history of the NBA.

Aside from the heroic play of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA Finals, Barack Obama also praised the team for their charity efforts and donations that totaled to $23 million for the past 22 years. "And these Cavs exemplify a growing generation of athletes that are using their platforms to speak out. We've seen Kevin (Love) on combating campus sexual assault; LeBron on issues like gun violence and working with Michelle (Obama) to help more kids go to school, go to college. His foundation is doing something incredible - paying college tuition for 1,100 kids from Akron," added Barack Obama.

Rumors are already swirling about president-elect Donald Trump might not be accommodating to sports teams as compared to his predecessors. The issues of racism against Donald Trump and his platform to prioritize white Americans could be the main reason for this tradition to be broken.

Furthermore, the Cleveland Cavaliers - including LeBron James - refused to comment on the current political situation except for Richard Jefferson. He stated on Snapchat prior to meeting the Barack Obama, "Words cannot express the honor I feel being the last team to visit the White House tomorrow."

With LeBron James campaigning Hillary Clinton prior to the election, Donald Trump - who is known for his vengeful acts - could fuel this move now that he is the most powerful man on the planet. Still, no confirmation if this is true but there will be no surprise if Donald Trump does this in the future.

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