‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: PokeTracker Tries To Fill In The Gap For Fallen FastPokeMap

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 11, 2016 12:19 PM EST

FastPokeMap finally called it quits following weeks of anxious waiting that the third-party app would be making a return to the “Pokemon Go” scene. With the site showing erratic behavior, the app has surrendered.

Though the good news is that Niantic has started to show signs of life for a new ‘nearby’ tracker, the enhanced feature is limited to specific regions like San Francisco. So for the ones who have to wait, expect most looking for alternatives to FastPokeMap.

There were several third-party apps for “Pokemon Go” mentioned in a previous post such as PokeMesh or PokeWhere though there is a new one that could be equally useful – PokeTracker. This is an iOS app available from iTunes and seems to be filled with interesting features. That includes notifications, live lure results and the ability to display Pokemon locations on the “Pokemon Go” map.

PokeTracker shows players where the creatures are spawning as well and will not require “Pokemon Go” players to enter their actual account credentials. Compared to the default ‘nearby’ tracker for the actual game, PokeTracker actually directs players to the actual spawn location and even comes with provisions to be shared with friends.

While the features PokeTracker brings may be too good to be true, the next thing in mind is on whether this is legal? It seems that using this third-party app will not garner the ire of Niantic since they will not be able to track the device in use – a result of not requiring the input of actual account details according to a Reddit thread.

Like other apps, PokeTracker will require updates to keep in step with the changes applied to “Pokemon Go”. That includes the speed limit and other features many may have noticed through Niantic’s aggressive updates.

PokeTracker is available in free and paid versions over at iTunes. Though the developer claims it is safe, such is not 100 percent guaranteed knowing Niantic can always resort to something as it continues to discourage the use of third-party apps.

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