Samsung Foldable Phones Release Date, Latest News & Update: Premium Foldable Devices Shunned?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 11, 2016 11:59 AM EST

Samsung has offered foldable phones in the past and there are rumors tied up to a possible resurrection for next year. The problem though is that the Korean giant is having second thoughts as we speak, citing cost and market demand as reasons plus of course the celebrated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

It comes to no surprise that Samsung is now playing it conservatively seeing the losses that the Galaxy Note 7 has brought. Manufacturing phones has now been monitored closely and paired with governing market factors, seeing foldable phones may have just stumbled across a big block.

There is no question that Samsung is capable of mass-producing the foldable phones but marketing them is another, the Korea Herald reported. The mobile device segment has been constantly changing, not to mention composed of a lot of rival players.

While it is not yet certain, Samsung would need to make more research to back up their final decision. Foldable phones require special components and parts and that alone atones for bigger retail prices.

It should be made clear that the parts are available though at a higher cost. So adding all those special components into one functional mobile phone or phablet could end up being too high and hence passed up by the consumer market, BGR reported.

There is an obvious risk for Samsung as far as marking the return of foldable phones. They were a hit some time ago. They may be retro in a way but there is likely a market out there looking for smaller devices over the large phablet-like devices in the market. Again, this is where the research and development team needs to do their job.

Samsung’s apprehensive stance is understandable due to the Galaxy Note 7. But it cannot step back and let the heat die down. They need a new device to cover up the mess – something that the Samsung Galaxy S8 or this foldable device could make up for.

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