'League of Legends' Update: Lux New Ultimate Tier Skin Elementalist Lux, Designs, Interactions, & More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 13, 2016 11:25 PM EST

Online games are fun to play because you play with other players online. Together you use your wits and skills to win the game in a certain number of conditions that are met. In "League of Legends", One day Riot games had made a wonderful skin that sets users and players on fire as they yearn to earn or buy the skin because of its different designs. In addition, the main reason why the skin is so ultimately precious is because it changes every period of time in the game.

Numerous skins in one sitting

"League of Legends" players is surprised because of the different types of skins in one skin. This might be baffling but it actually changes to different elements. Since the name of the ultimate skin is "Elementalist Lux", the skin adapts on each element in "League of Legends" such as fire, water, wind, earth, darkness, light, ice, thunder, and much more. The skin cost is predicted to be 3250 RP and it will be available soon. In other countries, they can have a chance to play and look at the skin in the game in the PBE (Public Beta Environment) for testing.

According to the video from SkinSpotlights, ten types of skins in one skin are present, involving ten elements that are in "League of Legends". The type of elements will appear once the gauge around Lux's character photo becomes full, you can select from four choices, depending on which mastery you went with in the first place. Each element connects to another one and you can see the pictures from Ranked Boost website that will release on "League of Legends" patch 6.23 soon.

Element changes also affect the graphical effects

As the elements also change, the same applies with effects and skill shots. Many "League of Legends" players want to get their hands on this remarkably unique skin for Lux, especially for Lux mains out there. Lastly, it will be available some time following the Assassins update just released a while ago with the "League of Legends" patch 6.22 that includes map changes and character skill set revamps. For more update on the pre-season 7 of "League of Legends", stay tuned for more!

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