‘Skyrim: Special Edition' Latest News & Update 1.1 Causing Crashes for Some Users?

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Nov 14, 2016 03:24 AM EST

You might want to hold up on getting the newest update from "Skyrim:Special Edition" because it's been causing game crashes for some users on all platforms. According to some players who posted their comments on Reddit, "Skyrim: Special Edition" is crashing on Xbox One, PS4 and the PC soon after the players updated their game. However, the incident doesn't usually happen to those who have outdated mods.

Based on most accounts who posted their concerns on Reddit, the crashes don't happen right away, the crashes occur after minutes after the gamers play the "Skyrim: Special Edition". Some players would have the chance to make a new save, completing the game's opening, and just go back to their original games, but most players didn't have that luck.

The "Skyrim: Special Edition"'s producer, Bethesda, still hasn't released its official statement yet. Although its Twitter support account did reply to the users who are reporting the issue and acknowledged that there is a problem. There's still no update on how quickly they would be able to fix the issue. But if you haven't really downloaded the updated, then you might want to hold yourself back for the meantime.

The latest "Skyrim: Special Edition" 1.1 updates have several performance and optimization improvements, WCCFTech reported. Included with the update are sound files that were updated to not use compression to help fix the sound glitches on both Xbox One and PC.

"Skyrim: Special Edition" patch 1.2 is expected to be released today which will soon fix the crashes with the PC version of the game. According to Christian Today, several PC players did praise Bethesda's swift action when addressing certain issues like bugs. For the meantime, console players might want to have a little more patience as Bethesda is doing its best to resolve the issue.

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