‘Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters’ Game Features & Update: Why You Should Give ‘Daybreak Special Gigs’ a Go; More Details on Gameplay Here!

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 15, 2016 03:44 AM EST

Throughout a gamer's life, there's always this one video game that holds a special place in a beloved console. "Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters" isn't far from one. An overlooked gem in the Vita library, "Tokyo Twilight" is far from perfect and can easily be outshined by numerous other video games. However, the newly re-released "Daybreak Special Gigs" could be the reason why you should revisit this oldie, especially if you're the type who's keen on weirdness.

"Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters" breaks the boundaries of how one is supposed to make both role-playing titles and visual novels. The game has a certain uniqueness that makes you come back for it. With the expanded re-release titled "Daybreak Special Gigs," gamers get to experience what could be surmised a director's cut.

Toybox's revision shows some characters get more internal monologues, and the effect on the gamer is that you tend to "care" about them more. A thing worth mentioning is Sayuri's standalone sequences, where she gets flashbacks that weren't in the original "Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters."

"Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters" will force one to read through a series of texts, but the narrative is far from boring, if that is your concern. You'll spend most of your time finding new haunts and uncovering a new backstory each time.

"Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters" may not be your typical action-packed video game, but finding references to the "X-Files," "Ghostbusters," and "Supernatural" in some episodes pique curiosity of all sorts. In turn, the Sherlock in you appears out of nowhere, followed by endless discoveries that only a serial gamer would appreciate.

"Daybreak Special Gigs'" recent re-release did not exactly hit the charts per se, but the game raised the bar for visuals in the interactive fiction genre. "Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters" is available on PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 and was developed by Arc System Works and Toybox Inc.

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