'Outlast 2' Release Date, Demo, News & Updates: Game Developers Are Afraid To Play Their Own Game

By LZ Carillo , Updated Nov 15, 2016 05:07 PM EST

The "Outlast 2" release date is set on 2017. The game became famous for being able to push the limits of survival, desperation and torture. The first game was about a freelance journalist that trapped in the asylum and was trying to outlast the psychopaths and a bunch crazy experiments that are out to mutilate the character. The game became an instant hit until developers decided consider working on the sequel.

Red Barrels, the developer responsible for the game made an announcement that "Outlast 2" release date will be on 2017. Red Barrels co-founder, Philippe Morin stated in an interview that the 2017 game will have the same atmosphere as the first one but it will be set in a different location. Morin stated that they might go back to Mount Massive Asylum in the future but for now, the developers are working to explore the madness they can bring for "Outlast 2".

The developers for "Outlast 2" began immediately after the platforms for the latest DLC platforms for the first game were available. The team is itching to present something horrifying and sadistic. Despite not being made on the same setting, "Outlast 2" will have a similar premise as the first one which will make players feel like they are diving back into the Outlast universe.

Morin stated that the team want to keep on improving their craft. The co-founder stated that like its predecessor, they made "Outlast 2" as something that they would get scared to play. Fans can rest assure that the "Outlast 2" will have the same ingredients of the first game and a bit more.

Despite having a lot of mature themes and disturbing sceneries, the game was not criticized by the media. "Outlast 2" demo revealed that it will have the same theme like its predecessor. The game's main character is a freelance journalist who stumbled upon an abandoned village. He went to the village to investigate about the murder of a young pregnant woman. However, he enters the world of horror and madness which even the strongest minds cannot fathom.

The developers have not released the exact date of the game's release. In the meantime, it is best for the fans and players to play the "Outlast 2" demo in order to experience the horror that the game makers are developing.

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