‘Half Life 3’ Release Date, News & Update: Valve Confirms 2018 Launch? Virtual Reality Support for the Game Impossible? Gameplay Details Revealed

By Maui , Updated Nov 17, 2016 10:56 AM EST

Valve has been tightlipped about the rumored "Half Life 3" game. Until now, there is no confirmation that a third sequel for the famous "Half Life" series will be made. But, a lot of fans are still hoping that, one day, Valve will suddenly drop hints for the game.

Recent reports claim that Valve might be working for "Half Life 3" secretly to surprise its fans by the time it would be launched. The reports all started when a leaked code from a DOTA2 update was discovered and it says "HLVR."

The "HLVR" code hinted fans that it might mean Half Life Virtual Reality. A lot of fans are now hoping that the upcoming "Half Life 3" would have a Virtual Reality Support. Valve is one of the biggest companies in the gaming industry that revolutionized the world of games with its game titles that always present something new. Valve is the same one behind DOTA 2, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike series but despite these games, gamers are still looking for "Half Life 3."

However, Valve representative, Chet Faliszek, quickly cleared the rumor about the virtual reality support for "Half Life 3." Chet Faliszek said in a report that a VR support for the game is impossible and it would take so much time and effort to add this kind of feature to the game. Valve is not even considering VR Support for "Half Life 3" for now.

Even there is no official confirmation made by Valve, fans are hoping that the "Half Life 3" would be launched on the year 2018 as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the game. The game developer is expected to bring out some great features as the fans have been waiting for "Half Life 3" a decade already. Stay tuned to GameNGuide for more news and updates for "Half Life 3."

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