‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: Game’s Unfortunate Condition Opened Doors For Redditors to Create a Biblical Parody of its Fate

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 21, 2016 05:00 AM EST

After The Game Awards expressed its doubt and disappointment on the "No Man's Sky" game, fans were quick to add a thing or two on the game. While it can be considered as a jab on the poor support for the "No Man's sky" game, the latest quip by redditors on how Sean Murray is handling the game says it all.

Featured in the A.V. Club is a subreddit that deliberately hits on Sean Murray's journey in creating the "No Man's Sky" game. Entitled "The Seven Days of Sean Murray," it enumerated the process by which, Murray created the game and how it was diminished to the state it is in right now.

The hyperbole on Sean Murray's predicament is clearly stated on the following Reddit thread.

The Seven Days of Sean from NoMansSkyTheGame

Apparently, fans are disappointed and the way "No Man's Sky" game was advertised prior to its release, it seemed like it was the perfect game. The game of the year that will probably be remembered for a very long time. And it will be remembered, but not in the way the developer may want it to be.

In the latest statement released by The Game Awards creator and host, Geoff Keighly; he said, the "No Man's Sky" game was hyped up to the extent that game developer Hello Games wasn't able to live through. It was so popularly advertised that instead of delivering a well adjusted and developed game, it continues its downward spiral brought by the massive expectations of gamers.

Meanwhile, The Game Awards is all set to pay tribute to legendary game developer Hideo Kojima at the event this December. Some say, Kojima is finally vindicated after his rough journey with the Konami company.

Do you believe, Hello Games headed by Sean Murray will be able to raise "No Man's Sky" from its current situation? Don't miss the latest news and update about the game by reading us here on GameNGuide.

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