‘Lucifer' Season 2 Episode 9 Spoilers, Promo: Charlotte Shows Her Demon Side

By Adelaide Violet , Updated Nov 21, 2016 05:06 AM EST

A new trailer for "Lucifer" Season 2 Episode 9 shows Charlotte doing her best to make her son's life on Earth miserable. Charlotte shows her demon side when she kills the owner of the building where Lux is located.

Fox has released a new sneak peek at Monday's episode, which centers on Charlotte's evil plans against her son. In "Lucifer" Season 2 Episode 9, Charlotte slowly takes away those that are meaningful to Lucifer, including his nightclub Lux.

In the video posted on the show's official Twitter page, a man tells the devil that he has been evicted from the club. Then viewers hear Maze tell Lucifer her suspicions that Charlotte is behind his eviction. She tells him that Charlotte is trying to take Lux away from him.

Apparently, Charlotte killed the original owner of the building. The trailer for "Lucifer" Season 2 Episode 9 shows the demon push the man to his death. Thankfully, Lucifer has Maze to count on to find out the truth. In the same video, Maze warns Charlotte that she will eventually find out whatever evil plan she is up to.

Meanwhile, Fox released a previous trailer for "Lucifer" Season 2 Episode 9 that shows Charlotte has other plans. She wants her son to go back to Heaven with her and Amenadiel. To succeed, she plans to make Lucifer's life on Earth so miserable that he would be forced to go with them.

Unfortunately, this plan involves Detective Chloe Decker. Charlotte notices that her son has become suspiciously close to the detective. The first trailer for "Lucifer" Season 2 Episode 9 shows Lucifer and Chloe smile at each other while on the dance floor. The later part of the video below shows Charlotte stalking Chloe. Does she want Chloe dead and gone too?

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