‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Thanksgiving Event Happening November 23 to 30! Gen 2, Legendary Birds, Trading, PvP Battle Confirmed Coming?

By Maui , Updated Nov 22, 2016 09:30 AM EST

"Pokemon GO" has increased its number of daily players lately and that's because of the new updates of the game. Niantic is very successful in bringing the daily quests into the game. And now, Niantic recently launched its Thanksgiving event for all "Pokemon GO" players.

According to a report from Polygon, the in-game thanksgiving event will be available from November 23 to November 30. This might also be a way for Niantic to celebrate "Pokemon GO" incredible success over its past six months.

During the new in-game event, "Pokemon GO" players will get double EXP and Stardust rewards until the end of November. The event also encourages more players to go outside, enjoy their surroundings and catch Pokemon. One of Niantic's main purposes for "Pokemon GO" is to encourage other players to explore and promote exercise.

But, according to a report from Forbes, the thanksgiving event for "Pokemon GO" doesn't give double candy rewards or other candy bonuses. Players would level up quickly if Niantic release a double EXP and double candy events in "Pokemon GO."

Some players even manage to obtain 50,000 to 60,000 worth of EXP from a single mass evolve in "Pokemon GO" where players use a lucky egg and evolve everything they have from Pidgeys to Dragonites. If Niantic also give double candy rewards, players could easily get 100,000 XP or more in one swoop under the new thanksgiving event.

The recent thanksgiving event in "Pokemon GO" maybe is just a minor event. Several reports claim that the upcoming Christmas event in the game would bring lots of bonuses and also the most requested features by players.

Some rumors say that Niantic might finally launch either of the Trading System, PvP Battle System, accurate Pokemon Tracker, Gen 2 Pokemon, or the legendaries this December. Some also say that Niantic will release all the exciting features altogether. Always stay tuned to GameNGuide to know the latest news and updates for "Pokemon GO."

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