SOCOM 'spiritual successor' H-Hour: World's Elite hits Kickstarter

By James Dohnert , Updated Jun 10, 2013 11:34 AM EDT

The director of the original SOCOM game is looking to create an all-new title aimed at being a 'spiritual successor' to the franchise. David Sears has started a Kickstarter for a tactical, team-based military shooter for the PC.

H-Hour: World's Elite is being pegged as focusing on teamwork and authentic military tactics. Sears says on the Kickstarter that the goal for H-Hour is to create a realistic multiplayer shooter that exudes the spirit of the first SOCOM games.

Sears reports that H-Hour will be the type of game SOCOM would have become if he had continued to work on the series. The developer moved on from the series early in the franchise.

"We're not here to simply deliver the past in a prettier package. We're building the spiritual successor to the early SOCOM games from the ground up. H-Hour: World's Elite is immediate, realistic, multiplayer-oriented and team-based," writes David Sears on the Kickstarter.

"It is an experience directly inspired by the SOCOM series because those games were the starting point. H-Hour is several miles down the road that we traveled with SOCOM, the kind of shooter that SOCOM would have become if I had continued to helm the series beyond the second release."

The Kickstarter for the game will focus on building out a showcase demo that Sears can use to entice venture capitalists to invest in a full fledged version of the game. If the Kickstarter outperforms its goal, the developers behind the title will build out the demo and begin pre-production.

Sears reports that if the Kickstarter earns more than $1 million, the studio will create an alpha level for the game featuring all of the features the developer want to put into the game. Additionally, the $1 million will cut several months off of the title's production time.

Those who donate to the Kickstarter have the chance to earn rewards such as a digital download copy of H-Hour, a free copy of a DLC for the title, and help the developer build out levels for the game. Those interested in donating to the Kickstarter, can give $1 to $10,000 to the project.

The man behind the project, Sears, has a variety of experience building military shooter games. Along with working on the original SOCOM games, he also worked on Rainbow 6: Patriots.

Sears worked on the Ubisoft Montreal since November 2011. Last month, the title was rumored to be coming to next generation consoles after a lengthy development period.

Check out a teaser for H-Hour World's Elite below.

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