Samsung Gear S3 vs Samsung Gear S2 Latest News & Update; Did Samsung Really Improve The New Smartwatch?

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Nov 23, 2016 09:50 PM EST

Samsung has just unveiled the latest and much better Samsung Gear S3. It is but fitting to see how improved the new gear is compared to its predecessor, the Gear S2. The company masterfully engineered Gear S2 that it seems like there was little left to improve. Arguably, Samsung managed to do it.

Samsung Gear 3 vs Samsung Gear 2: Look & Design

This comparison basically matches the regular Gear S2 with Gear S3. Yet, there are other variants that may be included in terms of visuals and other similarities. Here is a rundown of specifications and features for Samsung Gear S2 and Samsung Gear S3.

In terms of design, users will notice the striking similarity of Gear S3 to LG Watch Urbane. Gear S2 has a sporty plastic curves while S3 leans on a more casual look. The rubber strap has been changed to leather strap. Samsung Gear S3 comes with minimal ridging on the bezel and a couple of buttons on the two and five spot at the right hand side. Both however are IP68 dust and water-resistant. Samsung Gear S3 is also the heaviest among Samsung smartwatches with 62 grams weight packed with LTE antenna that can stand alone without the need of a paired smartphone.

Samsung Gear S3 vs Gear S2: Screen & Internal Specs

For size and display, compared to the standard Gear S2, Gear S3 is thicker and has a larger screen. The Gear S3 is 12.9 mm thick while Gear S2 is 11.4 mm thick. Gear S3 weighs 57 grams while Gear S2 weighs 47 grams. Gear S3 has a 1.3-inch 360×360 pixel AMOLED display with a pixel density of 278 ppi. The Gear S2, on the other hand, has a smaller 1.2-inch AMOLED display, the same resolution but has a higher pixel density of 302 ppi, a difference unnoticed by the naked eye. Both smartwatches are scratch protected with Corning's Gorilla Glass SR+.

Aside from sporting a new look; Samsung Gear S3 added 50% more of RAM and 50% longer battery life. GPS which is only in Gear S2 3G is also available in Gear S3. Both have wireless charging, heart rate monitor, and MST/NFC support for Samsung Pay.Samsung S3 software experience is similar to Gear S2. The new Samsung Gear S3 however lets users rotate the bezel in receiving calls according to ZDnet.

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