'Samsung Galaxy S7' News & Updates: No More Battery Problem & Overheating Issues? Planned Release for Samsung Galaxy S8?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 23, 2016 04:25 AM EST

Samsung company created a high end smartphone that makes users enjoy its numerous features like that of the other Android powered devices. Ever since the release of "Samsung Galaxy S7", recent issues are arising such as battery exploding during charging, and overheating when accessing and using the said portable device.

According to the post in Express, Samsung assured that the said portable device is safe to use despite numerous happenings on overheating and battery issues. This leads to a statement that "Samsung stands behind the quality and safety of the Galaxy S7 family" said Samsung company.

The issues reveal another one in the making

Since the issues are all about the dangerous quirks that the "Samsung Galaxy S7" has on its sleeves, Samsung company apologizes and assures that the next smartphone they will be reeasing this 2017, which is "Samsung Galaxy S8 Dream" and "Samsung Galaxy S8 Dream 2", will never encounter the problem again. Aside from that, the phone is said to be long lasting in terms of battery life and durable against fall damage.

Samsung Galaxy S8 coming soon?


Other than that, the said devices will be sleeker and smoother compared to the previous ones mentioned to assure quality and safety among buyers and consumers. In addition, those users of the Galaxy S7 should contact the customer service in Samsung right away should they encounter any issues with the said smartphone.

Based on the video above from Techsinium, the phone's features will probably compact enough to be brought everywhere and used with ease with the easy grip on its sides. Moreover, the upcoming phone in 2017 will have thinner width than "Samsung Galaxy S7", which will surely be a rival in the markets. However, these are only concepts and are not yet fully approved and proven. For more updates on the latest technology, stay tuned for more!

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