Facebook Latest News & Update: Mark Zuckerberg Finds A Way To Get Back Into China With New Censorship Tool

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 23, 2016 06:45 AM EST

Facebook has created a tool that would censor posts before they appear, reports say. The tool is intended to comply with Chinese Internet censorship laws and has already been tested internally.

The social network refused to confirm or deny the software's existence, saying Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg was in China to spend time and learn about the country, BBC reports. As of the moment, the company's plans with regard to China haven't been announced yet.

Facebook's Quest For China

Facebook is one of the many US companies seeking to infiltrate China's humongous but secured Internet market. Statistics show that there are over as twice as many online users in China compared to the US, but their online activities are tightly regulated and controlled by the Great Firewall, the country's system of censorship.

New Enterprise Associates' Carmen Chang, who is a longtime China expert, explained that Facebook's censoring software is a credible idea that could help the company make a progress. "The Chinese market is so large and so critical to so many companies that they are all seeking ways to get in and are willing to comply," Chang said. "Every little bit helps them in terms of their willingness to comply, but the big reasons China is blocking Facebook remain," she added.

Facebook's Censorship In China

The only way to access Facebook in China is through a virtual private network (VPN) since 2009. This software allows a user to hide his real location and avoid restrictions. The origins of Facebook's censorship tool is unclear as of now, but the New York Times reports that engineers from other parts of Facebook were chosen to work on said software.

With billions of users active on Facebook, it's not surprising why the social network is adamant in expanding way over its existing markets. In the developing world, it means innovations are continuously being pushed to reach out to rural areas.

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