'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Latest News & Updates: A Bug Was Spotted But It Only Affects Cheaters!

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 24, 2016 07:58 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been one of the most pre-ordered Nintendo game as of today. It was the talk of the town and people flocked to all the stores to get their copies. However, In the past days the latest Nintendo hit was once again the talk of the town. The reason was because of a new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" bug scare. Apparently, people have been losing their save points in the game.

Players have reported that when they reached a save point in certain areas of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game, their avatars disappear together with their game progress. The game will eventually become unplayable since the bottom screen of the 3Ds will freeze and will no longer load.

When the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" bug was first seen on Reddit and Twitter, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo did not respond. Other players did not seem to be too affected by it as well. Eventually, it was found out that only a specific group of players are affected, the kind of players who cheat!

As seen on Kotaku, as of November 23, the video showing the latest bug of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been removed. It showed how the bug could freeze your game after saving a certain point. Complaints have gone down especially after it was revealed that this bug only happens to the players who used a cheat called PKHeX.

The creator of the PKHeX posted on Twitter under his pen name, Kaphotics, and called out the players who complained. According to him, the bug was just a glitch that happens when they used the illicit tool. 

According to iTechPost, the PKHeX glitch freezes the game since the program messes with the player's location while playing the "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Kaphotics also mentioned though that this glitch was already address by his latest patch last November 18.

Nintendo has not issued an official announcement regarding this issue so players should still be careful. If you truly want to enjoy your "Pokemon Sun and Moon," be a good sport and do not use cheats! 

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