'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: At Last, Elusive Ditto Finally Caught! Here's How to Catch It

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 24, 2016 10:23 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" trainers are rejoicing after learning that Ditto has finally appeared in the game and someone even caught it already. Since the game was released in July, players have been looking to catch the elusive pocket monster but to no avail.

It was reported later that Ditto is not yet in "Pokemon Go" so it is impossible to find it. But why were people so hyped up in catching this blobby Pokemon? The answer is simple, it is unique and can transform into any other types of monster.

With its ability to morph, having it is really advantageous. For one, during "Pokemon Go" gym battles, it can transform to the exact type of monster it is fighting so the match will be even.

Then again, according to The Guardian, "Pokemon Go" players might have a bit of difficulty in catching Ditto. This is because, the new creature is hiding through disguise. This means, he is visible in plain sight but players might not recognize it since it could be imitating the form of another Pokemon.

Since Ditto can disguise itself into any form, it seems that he will not be easy to catch in the "Pokemon Go" game. So, what should a trainer do?

People from Polygon contacted Niantic Labs and they were able to get some details about the newly arrived pocket monster. Firstly, the gaming company confirmed that starting Nov. 23, Ditto is now officially discoverable in "Pokemon Go" and it can be caught.

To capture it, "Pokemon Go" trainers just need to learn a couple of things about Ditto and they will know what to do. Here are important points to keep in mind:

Ditto will only show itself once caught. Therefore, trainers may need to seize a variety of other "Pokémon Go" monsters in order to get their hands on the bluish squishy creature.

Finally, take note that Ditto is always in disguise. It could be hiding as Ratta, a Pidgey or other creatures that you would normally not bother to catch in the "Pokemon Go" game. Thus, the trick is to catch everything in sight since it could be Ditto.

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