Ouya is a hit out of the gate, sold out at Amazon, GameStop, and Target

Jun 26, 2013 09:11 PM EDT | By Luke Caulfield (l.caulfield@gamenguide.com)

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The new Ouya console hit retail shelves on Tuesday, and already, quite a few of them are reporting being sold out. Amazon, GameStop, and Target all seem to be out of stock, signaling that people are certainly comfortable paying only $100 for a system, provided it can do everything it promised.

But while the system has come (and seemingly gone from) to retailers' shelves, some of the console's Kickstarter backers aren't so lucky. The console shipped to contributors in late March, and many started receiving them in early April. But a number of overseas backers are reporting that they've still yet to receive their Ouyas months after the promised delivery date.

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Ouya founder Julie Uhrman is promising to get the consoles out to backers as soon as possible, but the company is still facing issues distribution issues due to a Hong Kong partner. Since Uhrman seems to be placing priority on getting the consoles to backers, it's unclear when retailers will be getting a resupply. It's Uhrman's belief that backers consoles will ship out to them in another two weeks, possibly longer.

I was luckily able to pick up one at Best Buy after dealing with a few blank stares from some of the staff on the sales floor, so I'd suggest trying there. No guarantees though. Walmart was also purported to be carrying the console, though there's no mention of it on the retailer giant's website. Definitely call before you pop your head in hoping to snag one.

The console retails relatively cheaply for $99. If you want to have an extra controller for a buddy, they're a tad pricier by comparison. A new controller will set you back $49.99, half the price of the system itself.

The price is certainly a dream, but there's been some complaints about the console itself. Check back here for my own early impressions on the Ouya later today.

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