'Clash Of Clans' Latest News & Update: VR Mode Included In The Upcoming Update This December?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 25, 2016 05:44 AM EST

"Clash of Clans" makes every gaming nice with its semi-3D world in a two-dimensional platform. Clashing and raiding other players is fun as you get the loot and destroy everything on their base. Now, rumors and expectations are dispersing everywhere including the internet about a VR feature that will be added in the upcoming December update.

The said update will feature a visual reality feature that lets you see a raid or battle in the perspectives of your warriors and characters in the game. Along with the December update, VR features will provide a whole new view in the said game.

Rotation, axis, and where to look in just one swipe

Based on the video from "Clash of Clans", this feature will soon be added, but not exactly on what is seen in the video. You can have a view from the archer's perspective or may be in a wizard's tower, or you could be standing on the townhall. The three-dimensional look will enter its way in the upcoming update for "Clash of Clans". Speculations can also be found online about this VR coming to life. Is the video proof to what Supercell was planning all along?

Well, the answers lie when the update will be released this December. Furthermore, players can just swipe which direction to face and where to look on their mobile phones and tablets. Just like other first-person games, the view is the same but you will not be moving anywhere.

Visual reality games are in now and it is a huge step to improve the game's performance if "Clash of Clans" did the same as well. With this rumored and upcoming feature to be added in the December update, the said game will be the most popular among other games. Lastly, as the game already immerses you with its gameplay, it will immerse you, even more, when this VR feature will come to action.

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