'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Release Date, Gameplay & Update: Most Serious Development By Ubisoft; Compex Technology Delaying Release?

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Nov 25, 2016 07:17 AM EST

It has been a long time since Ubisoft announced the making of "Beyond Good and Evil 2" and the issue seemed to have died since September 2016. However, the game manufacturer has once again announced the launch of the game soon.

Reason Behind The Delayed "Beyond Good and Evil 2" Launch

While the first announcement of the launch came in 2008, the re-announcement came only in October 2016. Game developer Michel Ancel said that "Beyond Good and Evil 2" can now be made as the technology required to develop it is now available. Gaming Bolt noted that the second version ois a sequel to the cult classic released in 2003 by Ubisoft.

Ancel told Kotaku that creating "Beyond Good and Evil 2" is quite a "serious development" for Ubisoft. The complicated technology that is required to configure the game makes it tough to handle and develop at the moment, the developer said. After September 2016, Ancel started releasing teases of the game on Instagram as images, which continued on the social media networks until the re-announcement was made.

Will "Beyond Good and Evil 2" Come Soon?

Ancel said that the Ubisoft team has been working on the sequel since the completion of "Rayman Legends.'" However, the game is still far from its release date as there are more concrete modifications and incorporations required ahead of its final launch.

Ancel addressed the cryptic images shared on Instagram and called "Beyond Good and Evil 2" teasers "a gimmick." He added that it is yet another way to communicate to gamers that the development of the game is still in progress and will be hitting the market soon.

"[We had] big questions that are so big you can't know the answers because no physics engine can handle all of the dimensions and speeds and things like that," Ancel said referring to the complexities associated with "Beyond Good and Evil 2." He added that if physics laws cannot do that then, Ubisoft could also not have done the same. 

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